Flashback is a computer demoscene party hosted once a year in Sydney Australia. Computer enthusiasts come to socialise and compete in competitions such as realtime programming, graphics running on old and new computers, homebrew hardware, pre-rendered animations, graphics and music.

The word "demoparty" is globally used to describe this gathering of coders, musicians, graphic artists and creative minds under one roof which share their work and compete with others. Small prizes are given to the coolest "entry winners" which is voted for by all the attendees at the party. You don't have to enter the competitions but we encourage everyone to come along and show off what you can do.

We welcome beginners to advanced talent. Your competition entries do not have to be created at the event, you can submit your pride that you have always wanted to release but never had the chance too. If you cannot make it to the party we will accept remote entries.

If you have your favourite programming effects on an old or new computer platform, graphics or music then here is your chance to show it off. If you love computers, new and old, you'll enjoy Flashback, so be sure to register.

Flashback is a friendly enviroment for all and is a place to meet and make friends (just imagine meeting lots of people with the same hobby and interests as you), to complete the last steps of your project together, to exchange ideas - or just drink beer or socialise. Nevertheless the main focus concentrates on the so called "compos": competitions where scene artists ('sceners') can participate and show their work in a friendly competition with others.