FLASHBACK 2015 - Sydney Australia's demoscene event.

Presented by Defame and Onslaught inspiring the Australian Scene!

Ladies and Gentleman!!

The most exciting event of the calendar year is approaching rapidly and we encourage people to get working on their productions, clear your calendar and get registered!

This year we will be working to bring the Flashback to you bigger than ever before and we need your support! Defame and Onslaught are in conjunction officially to deliver this year's action-packed event. Live performances from special guests (!), retro museum C64 and Amiga and many more setups running (got some old disks and want to sit down and play? Here is a great opportunity, so go for it!), music, graphic, demo and WiLD competitions, relaxed chilled environment to socialise or do your own thing! Last year we had over 60 entries for the competitions and this year we are expecting more!!

When: Saturday 6th, Sunday 6th & Monday 8th of June 2015 (Queen's birthday long weekend)

Cost: It is free to register and there is a small door cover charge of $30 per person for the complete weekend OR if you only can make it for one day on the Saturday night or Sunday then it will be $15 per person per day.

Where: Bridge Business College - Sydney CBD Level 4, 333 Kent Street Sydney. Includes 24/7 access, sleeping possibility (bring your sleeping bag), showers, toilets, massive outdoor barbeque area, vending machines, coffee/tea/hot drink facilities, onsite PC's to use and internet access.

Time: Doors open an Saturday 12noon This will be a non-stop event until Monday. There will be an afterhours lift key access or fire stairs.

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Accommodation: There are plenty of additional rooms for sleeping at the party venue if you want to do this on the cheap however there is also accommodation from backbackers to hotels located on and around Kent Street, CBD. Please note that this is the Queens birthday long weekend so be sure to book early!

Parking: There is a lot of parking available along Kent Street and easy access to drop equipment of out the front of the party venue. Please investigate free street parking or simply pay at the paid parking stations. 431 Kent Street, 204 Sussex Street, 321 Kent St, 383 Kent Street, 528 Kent Street - Sydney.

See you at this year's event and we look forward to more fantastic entries in the competitions. We welcome your ideas, performances, projects and encourage newcomers to Flashback.

Thank you all for your support!! See you at the party!!!